Downhole Solutions

Downhole Solutions


Gamma / Inclination At Bit

Measurement and imaging while you drill, all at the bit

At Bit technology offers:

Quick response to rapid lithology changes

Technologically advanced



Advanced centralizer.

 Advanced Centralizer fin offers:

Engineered for use


Drill String Torque Reducer.

The Drill String Torque Reducer (DSTR™) is a drill string tool intended for use in deviated wells where excessive rotary torque causes drilling and casing wear problems. This tool is an integral component consisting of a short mandrel fitted with a bearing supported non-rotating sleeve. It is designed to be positioned between the connections of the drill pipe at the well radius section of the hole.

Key Benefits and Features:

Another benefit seen with the tool is the reduction of casing wear. For a given deviation profile, the applications program assists in maximizing the tool’s performance by determining the deployment in the critical sections of the borehole. However, for the most extended reach drilling applications, the tools are used in the build sections of the borehole, helping to extend the envelope of rotary drilling.




Cutting Bed Impeller

The CBI™ Cutting Bed Impeller is a down hole string tool intended for use in deviated wells, where excessive buildup of cuttings causes drilling problems. The CBI™ Cutting Bed Impeller is an integral drill-string component consisting of a short mandrel with no moving parts. It is shaped in such a way as to stimulate any cuttings, which have a tendency to settle out of the mud in the high angled sections of the wellbore. These sections could be inside the casing or in open hole; the tool adapts to suit several environments.

Key Benefits and Features


Harmonic Isolation Tool

The HI Tool® harmonic isolation tool is an on-bottom drilling tool, designed to reduce vibrational loads generated by drill bit dynamics.

Key Benefits and Features:

Drill string vibrations are typically the most common cause of NPT for operators and suppliers of complex MWD/LWD equipment. Extensive job history with the HI Tool® has shown results for operators, with a direct impact on reduction of drilling costs in both domestic and international markets.


Memory Gauges

  1. Short line III
  2. QM200 Quartz Gauges
  3. Gauge Bundle Carrier
  4. Surface Logging Tool (SLT300)





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